Photography Workshops 

Cameras can be intimidating. If someone were to hand me a camera I wasn’t familiar with and expect me to take great photos with it, I would start to sweat.
I still miss my film cameras and use them from time to time.. they are basic and yet so beautiful. I love the weight of my old metal cameras, the broken clasps, the dented bodies. But there is something so pure and nurturing about using it. There are so few settings to choose from as well and I think that’s my favourite part about these old things. Film in, check. Aperture, check. Shutter speed, check. Focus and click. Done.
Digital SLR’s have made life convenient for sure, but sometimes the pure love and joy of photography can get lost in the all the settings, gadgets, and editing. I have friends who were well adept at film photography but who stumble at trying to operate their digital camera because they don’t know where to begin.
Photography should be about capuring a moment. It should be about finding beautiful light. It should be thrilling and fulfilling, it should be gratifying… not stressful. Unless you’re war photographer.
Join me for a relaxing afternoon of learning and exploration. Bring your camera, whether it be a point and shoot or a high end DSLR.
Photography 101  
In this three hour workshop we introduce you to the fundamentals of photography and get you comfortable with your camera so you can enjoy taking pictures! We will touch on all the basic settings and have an opportunity to practice them first hand.
  • Learn the the most essential functions of your camera
  • Gain confidence in putting new functions into action
  • Get the swing of basic photographic terminology
  • Feel prepared to move on to more advanced classes
  • Gain introductory understanding of lighting and composition techniques
Upcoming Workshop Dates // Saturday July 15, 1-4pm //  Kimberley, Ontario 
No photography experience required
Finding the Light – Level 2 
In this workshop, we’ll be exploring light and the creative ways we can use it. We will be focusing on aperture, shutter speed, ISO and composition to get a variety of image styles with the same light. Delving deep into these settings will allow you to gain confidence in your knowledge and skill level.
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge in must-know lighting techniques
  • Gain experience in finding ideal light and how to manipulate and capture it
  • Lean to position yourself and your subject to capture the best photo possible
  • Learn how to make use of your camera’s functions – flash, white balance, exposure compensation, timer, and focus points.
Upcoming Workshop Dates // TBA
A basic understanding of camera function required.
Finding the Moment – Level 3
In this workshop we will be focusing on waiting for and capturing the right moments. We will explore capturing emotion as well as movement. We will be questioning preconceived ideas of straight on smiling portraits and pushing for something more, pushing for something real. In this workshop we will be shaping light, guiding moments and using everything in our photography arsenal to push for something creative and moving.
  • Gain confidence in your creative process, from visualization to completion of an image
  • Learn how to work with the moment and know when to click the shutter
  • Gain experience in eliciting authentic expression and emotion
  • Dragging a shutter to create motion
  • Basic editing processes to enhance light and moment
  • Feel confident in exploring creative techniques
  • Feel confident in capturing authentic moments in a variety of situations
Upcoming Workshop Dates // TBA
A moderate understanding of camera function required.
Interested in private group or one on one lessons? Contact me for details!