Trendy Toronto Wedding // The Broadview Hotel & Gio Rana's

May 29, 2018 , All

Trendy Toronto Wedding 

I don’t often photograph weddings in the city… truth be told. I tend to opt for country, cottage or lake weddings, or weddings with odd themes, quirky people, or non-traditional expectations. City weddings can of course meet some of these ideals for me, but after years of living outside of the tall buildings and crazy traffic, I’m less and less drawn to its busy core. Sometimes though, a couple just says all the right things, they tell me something odd or unexpected and I’m drawn in, curious about who they are and what their story is.

Alex and Carmen told me they wanted to forgo all the traditional things people do at weddings. They wanted a party and they wanted great food. Hmm… They also wanted nearly half of my time spent with them and their friends BEFORE the ceremony to follow them around while checked into hotels, rode around in a limo, and had champagne on a green velvet couch. This trendy wedding was also super laid back and somehow super down to earth at the same time. I’m not doing a great job of explaining.. I know. We spent a fair amount of time at both the Cosmopolitan Hotel and then the Broadview Hotel, enjoying their super stylish rooms and roof top patio, and ended up in the Broadview’s bar where Carmen had reserved a corner of couches. Looking around, I was reminded of how long its been since I lived in the city, everyone in there was so stylish, so perfectly put together! The room was ridiculously beautiful as well and lent itself to photos even with a packed house.

When we arrived at the venue, Gio Rana’s Really Really Really Good Restaurant (also known as the The Nose), everyone was ready to get partying. The ceremony happened in a small room at the side of the restaurant, where friends and family gathered for 10 min of vows and love. After that, the 90 person crown filed into the main room and set about emptying the bar of most of its liquor and dining on some of the best Italian food this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Did I mention I was trying to cut out carbs that week? Best cheat day ever. So delicious and worth every little morsel.

This wedding was a blast. So much singing (Alex, I’m talking to you here), so much laughter, so much fun.

Congrats you two 🙂