The Trip We Never Took // Manitoulin to Killarney

February 14, 2018 , All

There is so much fun in planning a trip… this one was in the works for a year, as my annual girls trip always is. We bounce around ideas for next years trip in the first few hours of our current trip. So much so that it feels as if our trips are really just excuses to get together and plan the next trip. Does that even make sense? But planning is just so much fun! Last year we camped for the duration of our 10 day adventure to Cape Breton and back. This year though, we were lucky enough to secure a quaint little cottage perched on the high rocks of Manitoulin Island, perfect in its preservation of the 60’s and 70’s era decor. We felt as though we stepped back in time, cozied up in front of the fire, drinking tea and wine spritzers while playing scrabble late into the night. My ideal vacation <3

I had grand ideas of photo projects for the trip including a portrait series and possibly some video. Not to mention capturing the rocky landscapes  I dreamed of years ago. But I fell into the child-free quiet of early mornings with a good book, quiet drives around the island, long walks through the woods without much desire to lift my camera. Last year’s trip was filled to the brim with ambitious and dedicated photo projects. This year took a different but equally satisfying turn.

Staying in a cottage was defiantly glamorous in comparison to the late October camping of 2016. We felt spoiled and were uncertain about our plans to venture on to Killarney for even colder temps in a lowly little tent. But after four days we did just that.


Killarney, you cruel and beautiful beast, somehow you charmed us. Maybe its the challenge of sleeping in a tent and staying in the cold for so long, or maybe its the no running water. Or may be its the endless fresh air. But somehow camping, even in the cold, brings out laughter and fun with ease. Our bodies are beginning to show signs of aging, sleeping on the ground is no longer easy. But the three of us easily let go of expectations and any need for personal hygiene or reasonable nutrition. So, good campers we were. And the moss… oh, the moss! We were suddenly art college students again, consumed for hours by something so simple. More photographs of moss than I can count.

Next year? Well, that was the main topic of conversation of course. Looking forward to another year of planning… and of course the trip too.