The Plunge // A Georgian Bay Elopement

November 23, 2017 , All

Rochana told me the she and Saun hadn’t done anything traditional as a couple yet and wanted to keep it that way. Mission accomplished. I met them at a friend’s house the day of their wedding where the couple and all 5 of their guests were getting ready. Rochana’s mum flew in last minute from Australia as a surprise and joined Saun’s parents, his aunt and his uncle. They planned this whole day around vacationing in Ontario where’s Saun’s family lives and where they were planning a quick getaway with some friends and a boat.
We drove 2 min down the road to a dock with a view of the bay, the Collingwood Terminals and the escapement in the distance. It was beautiful. At the end of the dock was a little pavilion, decorated with a few flowers and a picnic table. There was boat tied to the dock where a couple sat drinking beer, listening to music and looking on with interest. Everyone waited under the pavilion while Rochana walked arm in arm with her mother, down the dock to the little gathering under the pavilion and the ceremony took place. Rochana’s father watched the whole thing through FaceTime and his little comments and reactions were such a great part of it all.
As soon as the signing was done, Rochana began removing her gold head piece and Saun began removing his shoes. I was confused.
“Are you ready?” He said with a smirk on his face.
“Ready for what?” I asked.
He looked past the end of the dock and out at the water, as he turned to me, his face was all smile.
“I’m ready for anything!” I said.
I ran to the end of the dock and turned back to see them coming up behind me. Camera up. Snap snap snap snap. Photos of the jump, the plunge, nothing but water and a pouf of dress and then their heads popping back up.
The look on everyone’s faces…. It was priceless. No one could believe it… not even the couple on the boat looking on! They very kindly handed over a couple of towels and everyone helped pull the soaking bride from the water. The family wasn’t sure what to do but the couple insisted on walking back to the house and meeting everyone there. The family hesitated but it was clear this adventurous duo didn’t have any interest in climbing into a car. So the three of us started back. We happened upon a ice-cream truck, of course, who’s owner shouted an offer of free ice cream so we promptly walked over, got them cones and set off back to the house. I stayed to capture them slicing open champagne with a sword and capturing a handful of family photos with the couple in pajamas. Ya know, just a standard wedding. It was the perfect day ?
 boats in Collingwood.Bride getting hair done with mom in Collingwood.Bride's mom prepping decorations.bride dancing in her robeBride drinking mimosa while getting hair done.bride doing hair in bathroom with mirror reflectionbride's mother helping her into her dressbride's mother doing up dress.bride's mother helping her into her dress.Bride and mother kissing before ceremony.Bride's mother and aunt huggingBride checking her phone before ceremonybride and mother walking down the aisle. Bride and mother walking down the pier.Bride and groom laughing after first kiss.bride and groom laughing after first kissBride and groom embracing after first kiss on pier.Bride and groom running down the pier / dock.Bride and groom jumping off the pier. Bride and groom jumping off the dock.Bride and groom jumping off the pier into the water.Bride and groom jumping into lakeBride and groom swimming in lake.bride and groom climbing onto dockGroom putting suit jacket on soaked bride.bride and groom walking down dock after swimming.bride and groom walking home.Bride and groom walking in wet clothes home.bride and groom getting scream from food truck.Collingwood ice-cream truck wit bride and groom at Collingwood terminals.Bride and groom walking home with ice-cream cones from collinwood terminals.Bride and groom post swim.bride and groom walking with wet clothes.bride with hanging wet dress.mother of the bride in celebrating wedding in yard.bride cheering groom on while slicing open champagne bottle with sword.groom opening champagne with sword.bride pouring champagnebackyard champagne at weddingtoasting the bride and groom in the back yard.champagne bottle and glasses at backyard weddingchampagne swordfriends and family at backyard wedding, bride laughing with wet dress hanging.
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