Sunrise Killarney Elopement // Silver Peaks

October 29, 2018 , All

Kaydi & Geoff, one of the most adventurous and laid back couples I’ve ever met. A sunrise elopement at Silver Peaks in Killarney? Oh yes they did.

They asked me to meet them at 4:30am and to bring a headlamp. We drove from the village of Killarney to the beginning of The Crack, a trail to that takes you to the top of Silver Peaks where the 360 degree views leave you breathless (the hike helps with that too). We turned on our lamps and ventured forth, marching through the brush at record speed… I was obviously the least fit of the three of us… and make it to the top in time to see the clouds roll in and the sun begin to creep up and over the distant trees. Kaydi and Geoff turned back to back while changing into their wedding attire, and we walked across the rock to capture the view from all around.

They got changed again, delicately packing away their clothes, and we hiked back down to the car, refreshed and eager for a hot breakfast. Check out their official elopement here where we met with the officiant at the lighthouse.