Roisin Cadieux // A look Inside the Studio

March 24, 2019 , Branding

I have met several prolific artists in my day, but none compare to Roisin. This woman is up before dawn every morning, enjoying a coffee on her back porch before heading into the studio to begin her day’s work. I think she only leaves work to eat, fill the wood stove or answer her door. Otherwise, she’s in there, arms deep in various fibres and glues until dark. Her home (which she completely renovated herself) is filled to the brim with arts and crafts from a variety of makers, in every medium and format. She collects items that speak to her, from children’s books and games to sculptures, paintings, pottery, jewelry, music, furniture and much more. She also remembers the name of every sculptor, painter and potter she’s purchased from over the years. She’s as eccentric as her house, and cooks a mean meal.

But on her artwork… Over the years she’s dabbled in everything, obviously. Being one so innately creative, there are no limits to what she makes or the materials she uses. The last few years though, something new has be forming, something that was a long time coming. Sculptures and ‘paintings’ unlike anything I’ve seen, made of wire and paper. She creates forms, mostly animal and landscape, and builds slowly and methodically from pages torn out of antique books and music folders. Words and discoloured edges of paper carefully placed to create line, form and shadow. I consider myself lucky to call Roisin a friend and be invited into her space with my camera. Even though she spent her younger years as a model, she is not a fan of being photographed! But who is, honestly.

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