because learning is awesome


I miss using my film cameras! I love the weight of them, the broken clasps, the dented bodies; there is something so pure about the experience. There are so few settings to choose from as well and I think that’s part of why I love them. Film, check. Aperture, check. Shutter speed, check. Focus and click. Done.
Digital SLR’s have made life convenient for sure, but sometimes the pure love and joy of photography can get lost in the all the settings, gadgets, and editing. Photography should be about capuring a moment! It should be about finding beautiful light. It should be thrilling and fulfilling, it should be gratifying… not stressful.
Join me for a relaxing afternoon of learning and exploration. We’ll talk about lighting, composition and camera setting and practice our new found skills on a model and some still life objects while we’re at it! Bring your camera gear & notebook and lets get started.



$75 +hst

>> easy to implement topics such as light, composition, and exposure

>> approx 45 min of shooting practice using a model and still life objects

>> 10-12 attendees to allow for ample time for each individual. this class is paired best with a friend (whom you can practice with later)

>> laugh and learn. you’ll walk away with a better understanding of how to photograph what you love, be it your family, landscapes, animals, travel or all of the above

>> take home cheat sheets and an invitation to join to private Facebook group for workshop attendees for support, questions and to post photos showing off what you’ve learned