Nida & Daanesh // Surprise Wedding in the Blue Mountains

January 9, 2019 , All

A two day family reunion that everyone but the bride new was going to be a wedding.

Nida contacted me about photographing a family get-together, celebrating her upcoming city hall nuptials. Her finance had two kids and she didn’t want to make a ‘bid deal’ out of her wedding and possibly make them feel uncomfortable. This gathering was simply an opportunity to bring their families together to get to know each other and celebrate their union. Once this gathering began however, it became clear that the family had no intention of just celebrating… they wanted a full on, tradition wedding. And they weren’t going to budge.

I met Nida in an air b&b rental house in Blue Mountain Village, at the base of the ski hill.  Nida had planned to wear jogging pants and a hoodie the entire weekend but found herself surrounded by women who took no mind of her protests; bringing out multiple outfits, jewelry, shawls, head pieces and shoes. She wasn’t getting out that room without a full make-over.

This first evening, there was food and festivities that ended with Daanish being subjected to a seriously one-sided food fight. Great for photos by the way but I did get some spray! The second day began with a traditional muslim ceremony, which Nida had given up fighting against. The family was thrilled and clearly not surprised as they had no intention of letting Nida and Daanish get away with out one! She looked thrilled though and I think in the end, the family knew what she actually wanted as she glowed with a huge smile the whole day. That afternoon was full of food prep, families coming together, getting dressed once again, and finally the party. This time Nida found no resistance to sneaking into her hoodie and pj bottoms while everyone else donned their party best. Incredible food followed by speeches, games and music into the late evening. Not a bad family reunion!

Day 1 














Day 2