Newborn Session ~ Guelph Family Photographer

January 11, 2016 , All

In a quaint little 600 square foot house nestled on a quiet street in Guelph, this little family came to be. The living room was taken up by a birthing pool and the midwives and doula found space to set up the things they needed. This house was warm and cozy from the first step inside. The dog was licking my hand and smelling my feet as little newborn sounds came from the living room. Mom and babe were snuggled on the couch, the look on her face exuded pure joy, calm and sleepless bliss.  A look that is so familiar, it brings me back immediately to my first born and the days that followed.

I was so excited to finally meet Myra and photograph her family, I’ve heard so much about her from mutual friends over the past couple years and she sounds like a kindred spirit. I had forgotten she was talented artist but was reminded when I found myself surrounded by her paintings. I was immediately drawn to one in particular of a winter scene, two parka clad individuals standing on a frozen lake with snow blowing all around them. Somehow it felt warm and comforting. Feelings that filled this house and seemed to suit this family perfectly.


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