Lora Bay Wedding // Lexie & Tim

September 19, 2018 , All

On the shores of Georgian Bay lay the beautiful rolling green hills of Lora Bay Golf Club. The skies open up over the bay here, showcasing the most gorgeous sunsets that makes you catch your breath. Those skies that look so unreal, if they were painted we’d insist the painter was exaggerating the clouds, the colour, the trees. Lora Bay wedding.

Lexie and Tim were married here, in the full afternoon sun of July. Under a little chuppa, they spoke their vows. We drove around the course taking photos here and there before returning them to crowd of friends and family who were waiting to shower them in love. As the sun began to wain, everyone grabbed a flickering lantern and made their way across the green to watch Lexie and Tim dance in the near dark with one of her friends singing from the side. It was about as romantic as it gets.