Ken & Quentin // Intimate Elora Mill Wedding

September 11, 2019 , All

This was a gorgeous wedding. I haven’t been to the Elora Mill in years actually, although I grew up very near by, I hadn’t seen the Mill after it’s major renovation. This is the creme de la creme of wedding venues… seriously. I had scouted some photo locations before the big day but when I arrived I was escorted about by chauffeur who took me to all the best spots, provided us with refreshments and who magically knew everything we needed before we could even ask.

We spent the first part of the afternoon walking down in the Elora Gorge where I spent many Saturdays floating on an inner tube as a child. It was just as magical as I remembered. Eventually we wandered back, had a coffee and Ken and Quentin spent all of 20min getting dressed for their ceremony.

Their beautiful vows, their dog bringing in their rings, the love of their family and friends.. it was overwhelming. I cried a lot during this one. Quentin’s family all stood up during the reception and sang a song they wrote for him… oh man.. I should’ve worn waterproof mascara. I couldn’t even understand the lyrics, as they were all in French (his whole family flew over) but I could undstand the love, the support, the familial bond.

This violin maker (yes, actually) and this singer (yes, as well) are an incredible and powerful match. Your love is inspiring <3


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