Intimate Country Wedding // Lake Huron

September 18, 2018 , All

One of the most intimate country weddings I’ve been to. Not that it was small, it was just so raw, so loving, so supportive. Jenn had been in a car accident early this spring and was lucky to be alive. Multiple broken bones, months of recovery, loss of work. Their son was in the car with them as well and he was also lucky to have survived his injuries. Jenn and Pearce had booked me nearly one year before their wedding was to take place and the car accident nearly put a halt to the whole thing. In the craziness of the recovery, they had forgotten to let me know the wedding might be cancelled… luckily Jenn and her son were both on the mend by mid-summer and the plans went on. She asked to sit down after taking photos for a while and showed me her swollen ankle… it was huge. She went on to tell me about the accident, about their son, their slow recovery, the help they needed to keep their family household running with only one parent. I had to choke back my tears as I imagined what that must have been like, the fear and pain, the worry over one’s own child.

This wedding held something in the air, a quiet strength may be or deep understanding of mortality. May it was just a deep rooted love and appreciation… appreciation for this couple, this family, this occasion that nearly wasn’t. There was a casualness, although I suspect that’s just the way they are, but there was also a no-holds-back when it came to partying, dancing and laughing. Everyone let loose in this beautiful space, these stunning old ruins filled with sumac and draped in vines. Kids running everywhere. Marshmallows roasted over the fire. Music pulsing through the trees. I left this wedding on an emotional high, drove home, crept into my house and stood watching my kids while they slept for a few moments before crawling into bed with a full heart.




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