Intimate Country Wedding // Grey Highlands Wedding Photographer

November 24, 2017 , All

Imagine a wedding in a tiny stone church in the middle of nowhere, filled with laughter and smiles so big you can’t even believe it. Then wander up the dirt road to the home of the bride’s parents where food and wine flow, where Polaroid cameras make a come back, and where yard games ensue. Friends and family; the line blurs between the two as this couple clearly pours out their love indiscriminately. I can sum Ben and Laura up pretty accurately by sharing something they said during our coffee date…
Me – “What are you guys up to this afternoon?”
Laura – “I think we’ll just go to the Humane’s Society and hang out with some cats.”
Me – “You can do that? Of course you can do that. I want to do that!”
Seriously though, who thinks of doing that on a Friday afternoon?
Laura and Ben might just be the most genuine and warm hearted people around and their wedding was a reflection of that. They wanted it to be relaxed and whole lot of fun.
That morning, they went about getting ready separately, and as all the guests began trickling down the hill towards to the old church, Ben waited behind the house in the woods. Laura came out and the two of them laughed together, taking it all in and took their time heading to the ceremony. This tiny church was built in the mid 1800’s and is no longer in use. Its tall, narrow windows filled the small space with light as the rings were passed among the guests to be blessed. Ben paused his never-ending smile just long enough to dip Laura for a kiss before they walked out as husband and wife.
The party began slow and steady as guests filed back up the hill, wandered around the house and yard, played some games and took some photos. There was a polaroid station set up for guests; one image for them, one for the guest book. Obviously that brought out the best in everyone!! Dirty polaroids were hidden behind tame ones, plenty of belly roaring surprises for the couple to enjoy later.
It was gorgeous day, ending with the sun setting over the fields and the party tent glowing and full of laughter.
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