Intimate Cottage Wedding on Lake Eugenia

May 15, 2018 , All

What’s not to love about an intimate cottage wedding? Add to that some gorgeous architecture, a sparkling and quiet lake, stunning food and a pink sunset. Kira grew up on Lake Eugenia, swimming in the lake with friends and enjoying the views from her parents’ home. I lived in this valley for a year before discovering this lake… it was tucked away at the top of the valley, behind cottages and trees and long winding laneways.

Kira and Dan had gotten engaged and made the decision to elope in Italy. Before leaving though, they wanted to host a pre-wedding celebration with all the friends and family who would be missing their vineyard vows. Kira’s closest girlfriends showed up in matching bridesmaids dresses as comical congratulations to the couple. Little did they, or any of the guests know, that they had thrown their elopement plans to the wind and were planning to get married in front of their casually gathered loved ones. The matching bridesmaids’ dresses were icing on the cake!

As guests arrived, they found themselves being greeted by a sign that revealed their plans, and handed a drink while they adjusted to the news. Everyone gathered in the yard, overlooking the lake as a mild misty rain began to fall. Kira walked up the path from the dock and met Dan under some trees where guests looked on with full hearts and umbrellas.

The sun of course couldn’t stay away any longer and joined us for the rest of the evening. Kira and Dan, what a special a beautiful day that was. Congratulations!

bridesmaids making funny faces at cottage wedding in Eugenia.Bridesmaids waiting at outdoor backyard weddingreception at cottage in Eugenia.