Finally winter has arrived. A thick snow blankets the house, the yard and the woods. We’re filling the wood stove and burning it hot to keep the house warm, and with a cup of tea and sheep skins to snuggle up on, its as cozy as can be. I was longing for summer just a couple weeks ago, but now the light is changing, the wools are being worn and I’m enjoying the brisk air catching in my lungs. As long as the air is still, the cold is lovely. Its the bitter wind that bites the cheeks and cuts through the layers. But even that, as cold as it is, makes going inside that much more fun. We put a pot on the stove, add some milk, some sugar and some anise… let it simmer, pour and sip. Anise milk was my favourite winter drink  when I was little and I love making it for my own kids. I remember so clearly the warmth of the mug in my hands, the smell of the anise, the sweet taste. I remember my mom’s smile as she made it for us, she was happy to share with us a tradition from her childhood in the Netherlands. May be my kids will remember these moments too, may be they’ll remember snuggling up by the fire, mug in hand, while I a read them books. May be they’ll remember some other small tradition we share that I don’t even think about… walking to the mailbox, baking bread or cookies, feeding the chickens, building forts. I can’t help but wonder what memories they will take with them from childhood.

Sometimes though, when the light is beautiful and the giggles are rolling or when the look of concentration is so firmly planted, I can’t help but recognize this moment as special. Depending on the day or the activity, I either keep on doing what I’m doing or I reach out for my camera and snap a few to catch the moment. My memory is fading… already. I don’t want to forget these moments, I don’t want my kids to forget these moments. When I look through my own photo album from childhood, I don’t remember every moment captured, but the photographs bring back sensory memories… the feel of that dress, the smell of that house, the sound of that voice… I wonder if I would have those memories if not for those photographs. So here I pick up the camera again and photograph the day to day, the routines, the traditions and everything else….



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