Family Photography Session | Collingwood

April 2, 2016 , All

As a family photographer I’ve done my share of classic family portraits but I’ve left that all behind for something different. Something that feeds me creatively, motivates me and inspires me. Spending up to eight hours with a family, quietly documenting all the moments that make up their day and showing how beautiful, funny and ridiculous family life is. This last session with designer/blogger Shanan Kurtz and painter Chris Roberts was beautiful. It was a cold and wet that day but they were all playing outside and having a great time cleaning up their apple orchard. They bought this house a few years ago, right after the birth of their first child, renovated it with incredible attention to detail and light and filled it with beautiful artwork. This house was a dream to photograph in, with light wrapping around every corner and filling every room. Can’t wait to photograph these lovelies again.


woman in kitchen, cutting flowers.Girl sitting in house, playing with legoSiblings playing in living room with lego and leather couch.Girl with book.Books on black shelf with rock book ends.Mother holding son and soccer ball on driveway.Family outside cleaning lawn. Child on bicycle. Toddler crawling up deck stairs.Mother carrying son on deck.Family outside, child on bicycle. Boy running through puddle.Mother helping son on slide.boy running up hill from behind.Girl walking into greenhouse.Girl playing with nature elements.Mother and daughter making faces. Mother and daughter laughing.Father with son climbing on picnic table. Boy watching father rake leaves.DSC_1644Father holding son at dinner table. Glass bowl terrarium on wood table.Dinner table set with lights. Toddler in bathtoddler in bathGirl brushing teeth in bathroom. Toddler crawling on bed. Mother and toddler at bedtime. Mother nursing toddler on bed.

Family Photography Session in Collingwood Ontario

at The Orchard

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