Fall into Family // Grey County

February 4, 2020 , All

Nicole and I have been talking about doing a session for her and her sweet family for a long time! She and I were living parallel lives for a while there… I moved to Kimberley with my husband and toddler and quickly became pregnant with twins back in 2013. Nicole moved here a year later with her husband and toddler and quickly became pregnant with twins! Maybe there’s something in the water… hmm

We finally made it happen this past autumn, doing a documentary family session at their home in Flesherton. They live across from the local grade school which backs onto the most stunning nature reserve with trails and ponds. Now, Nicole’s kids are high energy. I can only compare to my own kids who happen to shy and quiet most of the time, so it’s always a fun surprise to walk into a house where the kids are bouncing off the walls and chatting to me immediately. I love it. Nicole and her husband, Garrin laughed about needing to ‘run’ their kids daily just to maintain this level of energy, and that if they don’t do it, it’s chaos! These kiddos grabbed their hats and ran to door, ready to bolt as soon as it was open. We explored the woods, let the kids run wild, threw sticks into ponds, jumped in puddles and went back home for hot chocolate and some family snuggles. This is my idea of a perfect afternoon 🙂 Family sessions don’t need to be calm, they can be crazy and wild! They can be whatever your family is. No stress, just living your life the way you live it.