Day in the Life // Sue & Mayhar

November 14, 2019 , Family

My dear friend Sue is an incredible artist. I’ve been lucky enough to show my work along side her own on occasion, although since becoming mothers, we’ve both shifted our focus away from our fine-art careers. But let me tell you, as a mother and an artist, she’s a huge inspiration. She and Mayhar have created a beautiful and nurturing home in Ottawa where I spent a weekend visiting and documenting them.

I used to offer ‘Day in the Life‘ sessions regularly although it’s such a unique thing that I think many people didn’t know or understand what it was or why they’d want it. Honestly, I think most folks are filled with anxiety over the idea of having someone document an entire day of their lives, capturing the messes and meltdowns. It’s a very honest and vulnerable thing to do. But at the same time, I’ve found it to be the most incredible experience, both in photographing a day in someone else’s life as well as having my own life photographed.

We had our day in the life session done by my girlfriend, Christine Hewitt, who printed her favourites in an album for us. Flipping though the pages filled me so much emotion… it’s a strange thing seeing your life, your every day, through the eyes of someone else. Someone who isn’t living it but is seeing the beauty in every moment.

I stayed over at Sue & Mayhar’s and got up early in the morning when I heard little feet pattering on the floor over my head. The sun was just peaking up and filling the house with it’s glow. I walked up the stairs to find two of the three young boys quietly playing while Mayhar tried catching a little more shuteye before the day began in full.

Whittling these images down for this post was such a challenge. But here it goes…

I scooted out during their mid-day nap as they all needed some quiet time. Then came back as they were all waking… mom & dad as well 🙂 These cozy bed-time rituals are some of those most precious moments to photograph. They change so quickly as naps become fewer and then gone all together. The memories begin to fade even though you try so hard to hold onto them.

Just weeks after this session, Mayhar was rushed to hospital. He was walking the thin line between life and death and poured over these images before heading into surgery. Sue told me how much comfort they provided him, knowing his children would see him in these if he didn’t make it though. Today, thankfully he is well and life is back to normal. But what a moment to experience, what a terrifying reality. It makes the every day that much more special. It’s all in the little moments.

I do still offer these sessions for those who are interested, just reach out. I’d love nothing more than hang out with you and your family for a day, capturing all the things. All the moments and meltdowns. Let yourself be seen and captured, I promise it won’t hurt and it might be the most special thing you’ve done for yourself. Check out my family info page here!