Charming Country Wedding // Erin & Peter

January 8, 2018 , All

“Our number one shared love is our scottish fold cat named Bo.”
I laughed so hard. Not just because they have a Scottish fold cat and not just because his name is Bo. No, its because almost every single one of my clients in 2017 mentioned their cat in their wedding questionnaire and for Erin and Peter, that was their first sentence. Deep down, I was really hoping for at least one great cat photo with maybe a bowtie or wedding rings or a little tux.
When I met them at a little coffee shop on Toronto’s west end, they told me about their recent adventure to Iceland, the it-spot for the last few years. They had gone with another couple and rented a camper van (if my memory is correct), and drove around the country, fighting gale force winds on narrow dirt roads.. it proved to be a more stressful drive than they originally anticipated. They were all smiles telling me about their adventure, the over priced food and booze and the amazing views. I liked them right away.
They were married on a friend’s farm in Janetville, a little town near Lindsay, Ontario. The farm stood on top of a large hill with a beautiful white house, a couple large barns and endless fields. They were married in the front yard, under large maple trees where the sun sprinkled through the leaves like warm rain. The barn was decked out in string lights, a full bar, and tables bearing some of the most beautifully designed menus, placecards and questionnaires about the couple. Rarely do the farm weddings I photograph have such attention paid to the small details… it provided a really cohesive style and flow to the space and perfectly offset the casualness of the food truck dinner. Yes, that’s right, food trucks…. Entirely! I had a poutine truck at my own wedding in 2010 (before it was trendy!) but having the whole thing catered by food trucks took it to the next level of awesome. People got in line when they were hungry and went back for seconds later in the evening… it felt like a big family bbq.
Erin and Peter sat in high wingback chairs in the centre of the barn while they were roasted and serenaded by friends and family alike. At some point when the light was at its most magical, they followed me out into a field for a few minutes of quiet and photo making. It was gorgeous. Quite the charming country wedding 🙂
Happy married times friends!

Officiant Laura Higgins from
Even Co-ordinator Lauren Hughes