Cat & Imran // Cottage Wedding on Lake Eugenia

January 15, 2019 , All

A romantic backyard, cottage wedding on the shores of Lake Eugenia.

Lake Eugenia is a quiet little lake nestled at the top of the Beaver Valley along the Niagara Escarpment. Its well hidden and there’s not much public access, but if you’re lucky enough to own a cottage (or know someone who does), you’ll be familiar with it’s beautiful water, intimate community and stunning sunsets. This is an incredible and relatively unknown part of the province. There are mountains, cliffs, rivers, lakes, wildlife galore, skiing, canoeing, cottaging, camping, and rock climbing opportunities everywhere!!! Admittedly, I’m biased… I live in the valley, about five minutes down the hill from Eugenia and bask in my little piece of paradise. I feel like I’m in British Columbia… well, not quite, but as near as I can find in Ontario, and what a difference from the city scapes of Toronto and the flat farmlands surrounding.

Anyways, back to this wedding! Cat and Imran contacted me about photographing their wedding last year, having met me at Cat’s best friend’s surprise wedding the previous year (also on the Lake Eugenia, check it out here!). I remembered her as being hilarious, animated and full of energy so I was stoked to work with her.

Cat and her mother and Imran’s mother all went to get henna done for the wedding and when I showed up that morning, Cat and Imran were both in plaid shirts, drinking coffee at the water’s edge, with beautiful henna swirling up her hands and arms. The wedding was beautiful, the weather was stunning and the party was full on. I’ve never been to a wedding where (and that says a LOT) everyone jumped onto the dance floor as soon as it opened and through themselves headlong into a an evening of dedicated dancing. I’m talking everyone. Moms, grandmas, kids.. everyone. I was awestruck! It was great.

Congrats you two, you’re awesome.