Its been too long since I posted here last, but I like to think its because I’ve been so caught up in playing outside with the kids, splashing in puddles and making mud pies….. In all reality its been a combination of that, work, house and friends with a cozy bed calling to me at 9pm. Sometimes it gets so busy I forget we’re homeschooling and I check in with Wyn that his questions are being answered and his curiosities fed. Dave and I are lucky that we both work from home and are able to rotate who gets up with the kids. On my mornings I usually sleep in, do some stretching, eat some food and then get to editing or laundry. Sometimes Wyn comes upstairs and crawls into bed with me for snuggles or talks to me while I do yoga. On this particular morning, all I wanted to do was hike through my backyard and into the woods that creep up the escarpment. What I really wanted was a good workout, breaking a sweat while taking in the beauty of the valley… but I looked at Wyn, who is so desperately trying to grow up as fast as he can and all I wanted to do was go on an adventure with him. He already had his face painted as spiderman, something I’m sure Dave did between coffee and dishes at some ungodly hour that morning, and he was all too excited to join me. Exploring with this little man who believes he is nearly grown is just about the most entertaining way I can think of to spend my time. These woods have all sorts of hidden passages known only by him, secret buttons revealing invisible streams, incredible creatures and tall tales. When I question whether we’re doing a good job in raising our kids, I just have to listen to Wyn’s fantastical stories or his quiet conversations with himself and I’m reassured.