A Heartwood Wedding in Owen Sound

January 16, 2017 , All

So let give a little back story here. A few years ago we moved to the Beaver Valley, I didn’t know anyone in the area but my husband’s friends and their wives… and then we became pregnant. I drove 40min to Owen Sound to meet my midwives and who do I run into there? Carys. And old friend from our Sheridan College days where we were studying photography together. I hadn’t seen her in 10 years. And now here she was, a midwife!  Just as stunningly beautiful and full of laughter as I remembered her to be.

She and I gabbed for a bit, catching each other up on life and love. She mentioned she had just gotten back together with an old boyfriend, Martin and seemed pretty giddy about it. Later that year she tended to me and my babies in the hospital and was compassionate and sympathetic… I can’t speak highly enough about her and all the midwives at the Grey Bruce Midwife Clinic!!

Ok, ok. I’m getting to it. YES, Carys and Martin got engaged!! They got married at a tiny little church in Leith, and held their reception at Heartwood Hall in Owensound. Both locations were amazing, the church was small and brightly lit, perfect and intimate. Heartwood Hall is a vast and open space with great big stage and a huge skylight in the middle of the ceiling. Not to mention their windows face west so the room filled with the most glorious light as the sun went down over the city. The whole day was beautiful, and um, so are the bride and groom, no?