Weekly get-togethers on Georgian Bay at our friends’ house is chaotically fun. The two older kids run around  playing, while the three little ones throw leaves, explore dirt, and chew on sticks. Sometimes we dig in the sand and watch the water roll in over our toes or climb on jungle gyms. Sometimes we meet here in the valley and wander through the woods exploring the moss covered rocks and trees. I’m liking these early years of homeschooling where free form learning takes place through exploration. These wild explorers soak up all kinds of information as they discover things in nature, as they find bugs and watch flowing water dig channels in the dirt. My heart sings as I watch from a distance. I can see them mulling over their discoveries, wondering, talking, investigating. Sometimes a question is yelled through the trees. I hold back the urge to explain everything as we walk along, to name every plant and its uses – to demystify nature. But curiosity is such a powerful and beautiful thing. I watch as it drives month long quests into edible plants, satellites and rockets. I’m lucky enough that Dave and I both work from home and are able to commit to this. Its overwhelming and awesome, in equal parts.


Storytelling Family Photography in Georgian Bay by Sarah Tacoma.

Project Real Life

Storytelling Photography in Georgian Ba