Project Real Life ~ Photographing Day to Day (week1)

My camera was lost to me earlier this year, like a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time but who’s company I longed for. I would look out the window as the sun skimmed through the woods and created beautiful shadows. I watched as the fog crept through the valley and rested in the fields. I watched my babies grow and play, and nap on the sheepskin in-front of the wood stove. My camera was within reach, but no pictures were taken. I was exhausted, overwhelmed and trying desperately to find inspiration in those flickering moments of quiet.

Luckily, change is constant and as the snow melted and the garden thawed, my children began sleeping. The crocuses eased up through the cold earth, and I, shovel in hand, worked the garden whenever the kids would allow it. They crawled through the dirt, pulled up seedlings and worked along side me while I re-planted and planted some more. As I tended the garden and watched seeds grow into beautiful fruit bearing bushes, I found inspiration creeping in. I picked up my camera after a 6month hiatus and began taking photographs. I thought I would take photos of the beautiful landscape on my solo drives to the grocery store, but I found myself instead reaching for my camera in the morning as the kids were playing in the sunny window seat or crawling after the chickens. Its funny how things can change, so slowly and then so suddenly.


Alongside my fine-art career, I’ve always photographed weddings, parties and occasional portraits. There were years when I did this work more than art and vice-versa. And as I go out the studio this week to work on commissions and upcoming shows, I can’t help but think of the portraits I would like to work on. This shift is reflected in the recent re-branding I’ve done to focus more on family portraits and births. The more I shoot them, the more inspired I am. And the more I push myself to be creative, the more I feel fulfilled by my work. This renewed energy is starting to seep into my fine-art as well, I’m starting to explore new ideas that I can’t wait to work on in the coming months.

Long story short – I’ve found photographing every day or nearly every day has had a huge impact on my creativity, my craft and my sense of self. There’s nothing like a creative funk to make you feel terrible about yourself! So I’ve decided to start posting some of these images as I take them; mostly of my own kids climbing,  jumping, crying, building, baking and sleeping. Enjoy.


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