Newborn Session // A Bed-In

I pulled up to this adorable little house in one of my favourite areas in Guelph, knocked on the door and was led up the narrow stairs to a creamy white and light filled bedroom where little Ora was cooing on her parents’ bed. Devon, who owns Kenny Park, a clothing boutique in Guelph, asked for her newborn session to be done in her bedroom. Their favourite room in the house. For the first few weeks and and sometimes even months after bringing a little life into the world, parents often lounge in their bedrooms, nestled in blankets, babe on breast, book in hand, coffee near by. This family (and my own) was no exception. I love when my clients are into doing sessions like these, wanting to capture what is true and honest about those first weeks, the nesting, the love, the long nights, the sleepless daze and the overflowing love for this new creature in your arms.
I photographed Devon and Jeremy last year for their surprise wedding in the rolling hills along Georgian Bay’s southern shore. They were so relaxed about their wedding, in that they were excited to bring their loved ones together and exchange vows with everyone’s love and support but without all the hoopla that can often overtake a wedding. I do love weddings, but I love the union more than the details, the love and laughter more than the venue. These two definitely shared in that mind set.
Little Ora, what can I say? She’s adorable and I hope I get to photograph her more in the years to come. She smiled at me a lot too, so she won me over pretty quick… although I’m not sure if its because she liked me or she thought I was her dad (we have similar hair and completion). Either way, her smile was heartwarming and her little back arches made me laugh 😃


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