What does “Family Storytelling” mean?

“Family Storytelling” refers to the style of photography I work in. I do posed family portraits and those are great but this is something completely different. This is documenting all the good, bad and ridiculous in your daily life. This type of session captures what your family is about; the playfulness, the meltdowns and the tender moments shared amid the chaos of family life.

How long until I have access to my high resolution files?

It all depends on the shoot, but generally I say 4-6 weeks. For 2 hour portrait sessions it will likely be faster, for Day in the Life, Birth, and Wedding sessions it will likely be around the 5 week mark with some sneak peaks along the way.

Why shoot in our house instead of the park?

For Family Storytelling sessions and Maternity sessions, shooting in your home is great. Everyone is relaxed and at ease and the kids jump into their routines, playing with toys or reading books and forget I’m even there. If you’re looking for a session that best captures your family as you are, I suggest sticking with home! This doesn’t mean we have to stay indoors the whole time, lets follow your routine and I’ll tag along. Take the dog to the park, play in the yard, chalk up the driveway, collect stones at the river. I’m all for it. If you prefer a strictly outdoor session though, I’m totally into it so please don’t feel pressured. Kids quickly play in the wilds of nature and those moments are photo-gold as well.

Do you use a second photographer?

Only for weddings. I don’t bring a second along with me for family sessions as its more difficult for clients to adjust to two photographers in their space than one. But for weddings, yes, a second photographer is definitely available!

Are Digital Files always included?

With weddings, yes! All other sessions are charged separately. This way, families can see all the images before investing in the digital products. Digital collections start at $375, so when purchasing the whole shebang, clients often end up spending $600 – $1100 including the session fee,  digital files and prints.

What do I need to do to book you?

Simple. I need two things; a signed agreement and a deposit. Then we’re good to go! Start by filling out the contact form and we’ll go from there 🙂

Any other questions? Send me a note and I’ll get back to you in 24hrs, unless I’m stranded in the wilderness and my child has tossed my phone in a lake… In which case it will be slightly longer.