Beaver Valley // Documentary Family Photographer

Up on the Niagara Escarpment in the Beaver Valley, lies a quiet beauty called Fox Ridge. As a family photographer based just south of Thornbury and right next to the Duncan Caves, I get to explore all kinds of hidden gems. Local teachers, Corrine and Tom, took myself along with their two children on a beautiful hike of their property. This is where they plan to one day build an off the grid home surrounded by permaculture gardens and sitting on the edge of Fox Ridge, looking out over the valley. Sigh….  On top of that, they mentioned getting horses and riding down into the valley to visit my kids and I. Yes please! I fall in love with this community more and more every day.

This little family and I ventured down into a ravine, climbed up through crevasse caves and found a skull. It was a thrilling morning. Their daughter even crawled through a tiny tunnel in the caves only a child could fit through, while in a white dress and came out the other side unmarked and beaming with pride. Love this family.

Tall forest, mid day. vpinGirl in forest with bucket on head. vpinyoung sisters playing on stone.vpinMother and baby walking through woods.vpinfather and daughter walking through woods, backlit.vpinchildren playing in creek.vpinbaby sitting in watervpinchild holding caterpillar. vpingirl sitting on rock, back and white.vpingirl looking up in the forest. vpinmother and baby in forest. vpinMother and toddler in forest. vpinGirl in crevas caves. vpingirl walking out of crevasse caves vpinbaby girl, mother looking on. vpinchild against parents legs in forest. vpinGirl in forest, gathering leaves. vpinFamily walking in forest. vpin