Somehow in my mid-thirties I’ve landed in the beautiful Beaver Valley with three kids, an artist husband, a dog, chickens, a huge vegetable garden and a home in renovation.  Days seem to slip by while I sip lukewarm tea and fold laundry. And yet watching my kids run around naked at dusk, screeching with laughter and eating mint from garden, makes my heart swell so much I can barely take it. I bring them inside, wash the dirt from their faces, tuck them into bed and begin editing my latest session. I enjoy podcasts, read when I can, go to bed at 9pm whenever possible, love to garden, and enjoy crafts more than my kids do.








Documenting life has brought me so much fulfillment… I’ve always had a need to create, an urge to forge something beautiful. It could have been ceramics, textiles, paint… I’ve dabbled in all of the above but a camera found its way into my hands 18 years ago and I haven’t been able to let go. I worked primarily as a wedding photographer and a photo based fine artist for ten years after studying fine art and photography at Sheridan College. Then suddenly I had kids, three in under three years, and fell in love with photographing them. The images helped remind me of the beauty in the chaos, the wonder in childhood and the love I pour into my family. The images celebrate all that is our family and I cherish them for that.






Most of our clients are young families with busy children and busy lives. They know time is moving fast and they really want something to look back on that captures the way the way their children are right now, the little faces they make, their budding personalities. Our clients; families and wedding couples both, aren’t necessarily those looking for posed traditional portraits, but rather something authentic… something that tells their unique story.

Our clients also tend to have an appreciation for tangible memories, opting for prints, photo books or albums in most cases. They want memories to hang on their walls, to show to their friends and and families and to enjoy on a daily basis.

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